BECOMING ELSEWHERE Entrepreneurs (BEE) brought together in 2019 and 2020 its European (GRAND EST REGION and GRAND E-NOV+) and Canadian partners (DRAKKAR, PM SCADA Cyberdefense, EDILEX, MANTLE or IN SEC M as a Federal Cybersecurity Cluster) to create the Quebec Consortium for Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity (CQTNC).

It is the First international consortium bringing together public and private skills by integrating cybersecurity, blockchain, legaltech and digital transformation for an integrated acceleration of digital transformation while respecting digital sovereignty to create an ecosystem of trust GRAND EST / QUEBEC unique.

Thanks in particular to the support of the president of the GRAND EST region, Jean ROTTNER

Without forgetting the Canadian federal cybersecurity cluster, IN SEC M

The official launch of the Consortium’s establishment in France is scheduled for Monday February 8, 2021 at 4 p.m. (Fr) / 10 a.m. (Can).

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The February 2021 general bulletin has just been published….. with the CQTNC!

Creation of the Quebec Consortium for Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity between FRANCE and CANADA. Website :

The Grand Est Region and four canadian companies, leaders in digital transformation and cybersecurity, created on February 8, a unique economic interest group: the Quebec Consortium in Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity (CQTNC). Its mandate is to support industrial groups or French SMEs in their digital shift. An alliance for the benefit of the economic recovery of the territories.

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The Grand Est Region (East of France) and Quebec unite in favor of economic recovery in the Grand Est

MONTREAL and STRASBOURG, France, Feb. 28, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ – The Grand Est Region and four leading Quebec companies in digital transformation and cybersecurity sign a memorandum of understanding giving rise to the official creation of a one-of-a-kind economic interest group: the Consortium Québécois en Transformation Digital and Cybersecurity (CQTNC).

Intended to promote innovation and the revival of French businesses, this agreement consolidates and strengthens 20 years of partnership between Quebec and France. It materializes the desire of the Grand Est Region to rely on Quebec expertise in digital transformation and cybersecurity in the service of the economic recovery of SMEs and French industrial groups.

This agreement follows the joint letter of intent of June 30, 2020 in which the Grand Est Region included its visionary plan for local economic recovery through a robust digital strategy.

Thus, the four members of the CQTNC unite, catalyze their strengths and combine their know-how to offer tailor-made technological solutions, adapted to the strategic and operational needs of companies in the Grand Est region, in complete safety.

“The Grand Est Region has implemented a strong and ambitious policy in order to be a reference territory in terms of innovation to build the economy of tomorrow. We want to consolidate our position as European leader in the industry of the future in a context of profound digital change. The European Valley of Artificial Intelligence provides real visibility of European ambition in terms of innovation and the will to build the future. Cybersecurity is a major and priority element, so the Region intends to support local businesses to fight against its vulnerabilities. The establishment of CQTNC members in the Grand Est is a major event in establishing our skills in this area. “, declares the President of the Grand Est Region.

Michèle BOISVERT, Delegate General of Quebec in Paris and Personal Representative of the Prime Minister for La Francophonie adds: « This memorandum of understanding between the Grand Est Region and the CQTNC is part of a long collaboration developed between the Region and Quebec in several areas. For nearly 20 years, we have cultivated a relationship of trust and shared what our territories do best. I am proud that the Grand Est Region is joining forces with Quebec companies to support its companies in their desire to innovate. Together, we are committed to building the economy of tomorrow. »

This protocol between the actors of the CQTNC and the Grand Est Region is intended to be unique in its kind given the synergistic capacity of the four Quebec firms to offer a complete and exclusive offer combining digital transformation and cybersecurity. A true innovation hub, the CQTNC brings together technological capabilities forming a visionary ecosystem of expertise and proprietary solutions in change management and application development, digitization of information and business processes, cloud and blockchain infrastructures, as well as in cybersecurity and surveillance systems.

“United by trust, determination and courage, the four founding members of CQTNC are the pillars of a pioneering community of excellence that proudly carries the ambition of helping industrial companies in the Grand Est region to generate value thanks to distinctive methods », underlines Olivier PERRIN, initiator of the project, Director of the CQTNC group and President of Becoming Elsewhere.

Simon LAUZIER, President of CQTNC and the company DRAKKAR Digital announces: “The members of CQTNC and I are particularly proud to support the innovation approach of the Grand Est Region. In a shaky economic context, undermined by a global pandemic, we would like to salute the support and resilience of the Region in the face of the challenges encountered by its local industrial fabric. We are certain that the signing of this protocol will propel French companies faster and further into the future of the web of trust to allow them to sustainably release the full potential of their business. Also, I am happy to announce that the signing of the protocol will lead to the installation of the head office of the CQTNC in Strasbourg during the year 2021, to then extend to four subsidiaries.  »

About the Grand Est Region (

With more than 5.5 million inhabitants on a vast territory of some 57,441 km² and a strategic position at the heart of Europe, the Grand Est Region has a particularly remarkable potential for development and attractiveness. A region open to the world, innovative, enterprising and endowed with tremendous industrial diversity, the Regional Authority is proactive in supporting eco-responsibility, the economic development of its territory and developing specific areas of excellence such as: chemistry and biology, geosciences, health, renewable energies and metallurgy, and digital.

To deal with the economic impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis, the Region quickly put in place with the French State, a real strategy to relaunch and reclaim the territory’s priority markets: the Business Act Grand Est. Conceived as a new way of doing society, this unprecedented plan aims to overhaul public policies in terms of the economy, ecology and digital to boost confidence, the health of companies and position itself as a leader in the recovery. The Business Act aims to make the Grand Est, the major European reference region, a laboratory and showcase for ecological, industrial and digital transformations.

Thus, the Grand Est Region, located at the heart of the European Valley of Artificial Intelligence, aspires to become the undisputed European pioneer of the industry of the future.

About Grand E-Nov+ (

Created under the impetus and with the support of the Grand Est Region and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Grand Est, Grand E-Nov+ is the innovation and international prospecting agency of the Grand Est. Supported by its network of partners, the agency contributes to the development and influence of the Grand Est region in France and internationally by guiding companies and territories in their transformation and innovation projects. It operationally supports the CQTNC (and its members) in order to facilitate its establishment and to be able to quickly begin its activities. From start-ups to SMEs, Grand E-Nov+ supports innovation and digital transformation projects by helping them adopt good innovation practices, project engineering and fundraising.

About Becoming Elsewhere (

Becoming Elsewhere is an entrepreneurial growth incubator between France and North America (Quebec, Ontario and the United States) which acts as a vehicle for exporting and then integrating strategic expertise (AI, Cyber, Defence, Legaltech, Agritech, etc.) Its mission is to support, structure, equip and promote the sustainable establishment of French companies in Quebec, and Quebec companies on French soil. The privileged relations that Becoming Elsewhere maintains with the Grand Est Region, its companies and a multitude of Quebec experts elevate it to the rank of facilitator of international economic development. In this perspective, Olivier Perrin, president of Becoming Elsewhere and instigator of the CQTNC project, was able to connect the Grand Est Region and the four member companies of the consortium.

About CQTNC (

The CQTNC connects French SMEs and industrial groups in the emergency of economic recovery with the best Quebec firms in terms of digital transformation and cybersecurity. Because helping companies demonstrate resilience in their economic recovery is a major challenge, the CQTNC identifies, brings together and propels Quebec partners of choice, who are agile, capable of adaptability and endowed with operational excellence. Much more than an economic interest group, the CQTNC is a North American support movement and a major player in the growth, innovation and sustainable development of the local French economy.

A true spokesperson and innovation hub, the CQTNC promotes the skills of each of its members. It gives them unconditional support and provides them with a welcoming market to elevate their business paths to Europe. With the support of the CQTNC, its members align their offers more easily with the growing needs of companies in terms of change management, digital transformation and cybersecurity in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

If the CQTNC is currently made up of four Quebec companies, its development objectives have already been established in order to expand the collective according to the needs that will be encountered by companies in the Grand Est Region.

The founding members of the CQTNC

MANTLE specializes in blockchain, EDILEX offers legaltech solutions for private companies, public institutions and legal professions, PM SCADA Cyberdefense or the subsidiary Cyvault offers cyber defense solutions, and DRAKKAR Digital supports companies in their digital transformation at the strategic and tactical level, from change management to project management, from UX/UI design to application development.

SOURCE Quebec Consortium for Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity (CQTNC)

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Article from the french Newspaper – DNA – Friday 12 February 2021

According to the terms of a memorandum of understanding signed this Monday, February 8 between the Grand Est Region and the interested parties, these four companies are intended to support French SMEs and groups, starting with those in the region, in their digital transformation. And they will do it from the region. « The creation of this consortium will quickly lead to the establishment of subsidiaries, the creation of dozens of jobs and the training of young people in these disciplines », says Olivier Perrin, general manager of the consortium and initiator of this project, the fruit of years partnerships between the Region and Quebec.

For the Grand Est Region, determined to be a « reference territory in terms of innovation », this consortium and its skills will make it possible to offer « tailor-made technological solutions, adapted to the strategic and operational needs of companies in the Grand Est, in completely safe”.

« The region gives itself the right to be an outsider and to become a leader tomorrow, » says Olivier Perrin. Ultimately, this consortium is intended to welcome other companies. It is due to set up its headquarters in Strasbourg later this year.