As an integrator, you are continuously looking for new solutions to improve your customers’ efficiency and creativity and provide them with the best solutions available on the market. With Alsago platform, you have the possibility to add solutions that have been tested by corporations to your offer in the following sectors :

Big Data/Artificial Intelligence: Prediction Analysis (crimes in cities, malicious behaviours, human factors, financial and commercial results, effective plans, solutions to prevent diseases such as Cancer…)

Open Innovation: solutions and processes in Open Innovation to develop your creativity and capacity to develop profitable new concepts, profitable solutions or technologies with the right economic model. Varying the type of interlocutors to better conceive your entry on a market. From Society Innovation to Citizen Involvement or even Social Entrepreneurship.Tell us about the challenge encountered by your client and obtain a solution 

Cybersecurity-Legaltech: Provide solutions through our networks of international partners (clusters, consortium with the CQTNC, companies in cyber defense or security-defense, etc.) to help you build personalized protection integrating Digital Transformation with new business models , data protection, in particular legal data, and identity authentication (people or products).

 You would like to keep in touch with the latest solutions regarding security and defense for telecommunications in order to find solutions to the business needs of your clients. We have the possibility to help you, thanks to our clients and partners.If you want to tell us about the challenge encountered by your clients and get a solution, contact us. 

With Open Source technologies, predict trends from heterogeneous data sources and generate the knowledge economy.