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To save time and improve their integration while continuing their development, some companies choose to acquire a company or joint venture when entering new, larger markets. By diligent search, we will offer a range of businesses for sale and we will accompany you through the completion of legal agreements.For more information, see the Implementation phase.

You want, along with the evaluation of a business, to study the creation of a branch dedicated wholly or partially to Research & Development (access skills in the target market, Public or Technology Partnerships, Economic Incentives in Quebec or Ontario), we can offer you a personalized study so that you can make an informed decision in comparing France and Canada.See our Partners.

Protecting ideas and know-how is essential at home and abroad. We can help on an international scale. Also, contact us to protect your trademark, patent or your order to develop a franchise network.See our Partners.

Some companies in their development are primarily interested in finding partners and business techniques or distributors who can distribute their products on a large scale rather than seek customers directly. We operate in this context to help identify the partner that best suits the needs of our clients.For more information, see Integration phase.

We assist companies in finding financing, whether domestic, R&D or international for export.

Looking to expand your development strategy for online business? Feel free to request our services to match your web strategies with the strategies of your company.

BECOMING ELSEWHERE Entrepreneurs can represent its client companies at trade shows and international events.

BECOMING ELSEWHERE Entrepreneurs specialty is to guide and mentor businesses and over time to enable them to found their new subsidiary. However, we offer one-off exploration missions by the week or a number of qualified meetings. This type of service targets companies who do not know Canada well and want to gather information. It is also for economic development organizations to attract investment in Europe or North America.
  1. Survey market, survey, positioning, studies of competition, pricing studies, feasibility, diagnostic export.
  2. Business plan, business model and defining strategies for business development.

For more information, see Selection or Adaptation phase.

Before setting up shop in Canada, it may be wise to just use direct debit to reassure customers without taking on unnecessary financial expenses and risks. We can host your company (address, receiving mail, opening bank accounts).

We provide offices for VIE (International Company Volunteers) in our coworking space. To increase synergies and stimulation ideation, we select VIE according to our focus areas (aerospace, information technology, health, open innovation, smart city, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence …).We can also offer a support service for VIE in order to promote your business by sharing our network and our experience.

Solution Innovation Platform, All in One

Do you need an Architect for your development and a Director of Operations ?You do not know where to startwhom to contact, when, or how to achieve your goals for your development. You need a guide with a good road map. BECOMING ELSEWHERE Entrepreneurs offers a solution from A to Z, please see our page Platform Solution for more information..

Our Platform Solution