Global Mission

Business facilitator platform ensuring the integration of an innovative European company in Canada and the United States with :

Funding international needs (funding by provincial and federal government, Coface, BPI, Région, CLD, investment fund, etc.) over 1 to 4 years.

team in strategic development* to help the client company transform their product to acceptable standards for North American or Europe
* The Quebec magazine ”L’Actualité” defined the list of new jobs in Canada. Alsago’s Partners or employees who serve Innovation fit this hybrid profile function that is to be Economic Development Agents, Researchers and Marketing Experts./em>

The creation of a portfolio and the formation of a team

Objectives :

To create favorable conditions risk free and gradually establishing a profitable implementation. (Subsidiary, Joint Venture, Acquisition.)

Your Integrator

BECOMING ELSEWHERE Entrepreneurs is an integrator in innovation, from Europe to North America and back.

Specifically, BECOMING ELSEWHERE Entrepreneurs is intended as a business support structure before & and during the implementation of a company to optimize the conditions for success upon its creation. From the detection of innovative companies with the potential to grow in the targeted foreign market, to financing needs, through cross-disciplinary and vertical assessments of the market (standards, laws, ethicals, potential, transactions, matching supply / market), recommendations for the adaptation of the solution, marketing strategies, search for customers or Value Added Resellers or last, major implementation in the best conditions (economic incentives, R & D, Intellectual Property, tailored recruitment), Alsago offers solutions from A to Z. Included are a set of best practices based on the realities of the market and a coherent approach.

Of course, the choice will always come back to our customer to select all or part of the product offering according to its needs, its situation and strategic positioning.

BECOMING ELSEWHERE Entrepreneurs is not selling a dream, but the pragmatism required to deal with reality through the answers to four questions that should always be asked by an innovative company before planning a new implementation:

  • Is my product innovative and mature enough?

  • Will the Canadian or North American market be receptive and open?
  • What are the adaptations and the means to implement in order to be able to sell?
  • What is the best strategy to approach the market?

The complexity arising from cultural differences, technical and global innovations, or the needs of increasingly sophisticated markets excludes any form of improvisation.

BECOMING ELSEWHERE Entrepreneurs solutions address these issues gradually include:

  • Analysis of the Product (innovative company), Demand (referred to the Canadian market) and suitability

  • Implementation solutions, enough to test the market (Soft Landing)

  • Total Implementation based on facts.

Each customer can choose according to their needs one of these courses of action, a combination of them, or all services in the order suggested in the Alsago platform. Doing so significantly increases potential and results in giving meaning and logical steps to a coherent development strategy and plan.

Global Vision

Global Vision


Integration steps

Integration Steps



At a global scale:

  • Some choose inappropriate markets without a plan. Others choose the right market with the adapted integration method!

  • Some have big goals without a roadmap. Others are preparing to create the capacity to achieve their goals!

  • Some improvise and go under. Other assess and move forward with acquired know how.

This process includes four major development steps and validation to move ahead to implementation:

  • The Selection of the company and exportable solutions

  • Adapting by reducing and eliminating the gap between market demand and the product.

  • The Integration with established strategies and resources aligned with the objectives

  • The Implementation with best market practices (R&D, Grant, PI)

10 Reasons why you should choose Alsago Platform Solution

Choosing Alsago or the North American market means getting off the ground on solid footing with:

  1. An attractive market with huge potential
  2. The necessary financial means
  3. An international operational team
  4. Technical means (Information Technology, Video Games, Mobile Applications)
  5. Structured Methods and structuring development
  6. Efficient Time frame
  7. Networks of proven skills and know-how
  8. Access to customers (50 major Canadian accounts, including the federal government)
  9. Transparency with access to our internet or CRM to monitor developments
  10. The pooling of risks / costs and major opportunities with the platform’s companies

Having an architect and development leader to assist you step by step. Our starting point is to ensure the potential of the company before its market entry.

Observation made by the Economic Mission in 120 countries around the world: The first sale (if there is one) comes on average between 18 and 48 months! 

When observing the few companies that sell multiple times or those that have a subsidiary that survives 3 to 5 years after its creation, there is a high failure rate.