52, geographer, graduated in Political Science (IEP), mountain guide, Eric Julien has completed his journey by a Master of Science and communication technologies and a DESS Computing and multimedia systems.

In 2007, he created in the School of Nature and Knowledge in Drôme. He is a founding member of the Alliance for the planet (90 environmental NGOs).

During his lectures and workshops, Eric Julien offers to share his experience in building links between the traditions of Kogi Indians and our modernity. The purpose is to create a dialogue between two representations of the world that seem to be total opposites but would have so much to say in the light of the challenges of contemporary societies. The opportunity to open up a universe which, for centuries, has set a goal to help APM members to learn how to be “human beings together.”

Eric Julien helps the Kogi to reclaim their land and face the multiple attacks on our society. In his lectures and assignments advice to businesses and organizations, Eric Julien attempts to make people use other senses, other visions to understand a situation and its challenges.